Movie Review: ‘My Blind Brother’ Is A Very Different Rom-Com That’s Worth Watching

Review by Monique Thompson

My Blind Brother is a romantic-comedy about two brothers who find themselves in love with the same woman. Robbie (Adam Scott) is a blind athlete and local sports hero who’s biggest supporter happens to be his brother and caregiver Bill (Nick Kroll). The two have a pretty good relationship despite the fact that it seems Bill may be a little envious of the attention that Robbie receives.

When Bill meets love interest Rose (Jenny Slate), he is immediately attracted to her, however, she throws the “I’m not looking for a relationship card” considering the fact that she was still grieving the death of her ex. While he has no choice but to accept her rejection, he can’t stop thinking about her. Little does he know, Rose happens to be the same girl that Robbie starts dating. Rose and Robbie’s courtship immediately blossoms and the two are pretty much inseparable. Once Robbie and Bill realize the common denominator between them both are Robbie, they both decide to keep quiet about it.

As a rom-com, My Blind Brother is pretty dark and the antics between Rose & Bill is almost unbearable to witness. The two decide to keep their finding a secret from Robbie but end up almost getting caught having sex right on the couch when Robbie walks in. At some moments, you can’t help but think of Rose as pretty darn low down. However, despite the fact that he’s blind, Robbie is far from stupid and eventually piece together what his brother and Rose have been up to. Robbie is blind but that hasn’t stopped him from driving or swimming in the middle of a huge body of water, literally.

My Blind Brother is a very different film but it’s actually pretty good. There’s a few sarcasm-infused comedic moments but plenty of romance at the same time. The characters are perfect for their given roles and make for believable chemistry. All in all, this is worth a watch.

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