Movie Review: ‘Billionaire Ransom’ Is An Exciting Movie

Review by Wesley Collins

As a film lover, prior to watching a film, I enjoy knowing nothing about it so I can go into it with no expectations or individual ideas. I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down to view Billionaire Ransom, but I can say for certain I was pleasantly surprised. The movie follows two privileged rich kids who after a plethora of chances, now must make good on their last chance at true freedom or be denounced by their families. They are forced onto an Island designed to rehabilitate them and as they inch closer to that rehabilitation, the Island is stormed by contracted killers, and they along with other residents of the Island must use their new found ingenuity to stay alive.

Overall as movie, I gave Billionaire Ransom four thumbs up! Aside from the acting and plot, I loved some of the undertones of the film. One of them was, the ways in which well to do children truly don’t understand the error of their ways when they face trouble for drugs, gambling or alcohol, etc. Their thought process and approach to life is completely different from every other type of person to walk this earth. Billionaire Ransom does a great job of showing the young men and women why and how they were wrong, and force them to become better people.

Billionaire Ransom also makes a point to show the viewer that no amount of money or technology can ever beat real human ingenuity. The young adults on the Island prove that. Billionaire Ransom is an exciting movie with passion, love, action and heartbreak, but it also has great life lessons throughout. I would recommend this movie for any and everyone. It’s an absolutely wonderful film!

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