Movie Review: “Biker Fox” Is Tedious and Mundane


Review by James McDonald

“Biker Fox” is a documentary which chronicles the life of Frank P. DeLarzelere III, a.k.a. Biker Fox, Tulsa, Oklahoma’s misunderstood motivational bicyclist, nature conservationist and muscle car guru. I don’t have a problem watching a documentary about any subject matter, as long as the filmmakers keep the story interesting. With “Biker Fox” however, while the titular character has some pretty interesting things to address, nature conservation, his many run-ins with the Tulsa Police department, these few anecdotes aside, the documentary is pretty uneventful and not in the least exciting. Biker likes to promote kindness and constantly reminds his viewers to be good to others, to care for yourself and to love one another and while I agree with him on each one of these comments, after a while, his shenanigans become tiresome.

Many times throughout the film, he’ll be talking about a particular subject and will suddenly get angry and start screaming and shouting into the camera and this goes on for what feels like an eternity. He eventually admits that he has anger issues but being an indie filmmaker for thirty years, I can tell when he’s acting up for the camera. He gets mad at a customer on the phone and after hanging up on them, he begins his obligatory shouting and screaming and then picks up a chainsaw. At this point, we’re supposed to recognize that he is very angry and the fact that he’s holding a chainsaw and screaming at the top of his lungs, maybe this is meant to intimidate us somehow but the scene comes off as pretentious and unimaginative.

Rather, if he had turned to the camera and just told us why he was upset, we’d have more reason to possibly understand his argument, instead of watching the antics of a supposed raving lunatic who is carrying on the way he is simply because he is on camera. The only somewhat interesting aspect of the film, is when he has a run-in with the Tulsa Police department, which seems to be a regular occurrence for him. On one occasion, a driver rammed him at which point he got off his bike and threw it at the car. And because of that incident, he was arrested. Granted, his anger issues didn’t help the situation but it was really the only engaging part of the film. “Biker Fox” is obviously Mr. DeLarzelere’s alter-ego but sadly, neither of them are that interesting that a film needed to be made about them.

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