Movie Review: ‘Beyond The Trek’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Earth has been working hard to make perfect humans, so we won’t have to worry about diseases or human mistakes or emotions getting in the way of being perfect. Five genetically engineered perfect humans have to go to space and retrieve cargo after regular humans mess up trying to return the cargo to Earth. Commander Linden (Lance Broadway) steers his team and his ship to retrieve the cargo and one surviving human on mission Titan. His team often jokes about how regular humans are so flawed and how they have to constantly save them.

They get to the ship and find mentally unhinged engineer Travis O’Neill (Weetus Cren), his robot Lulu (Ursula Mills) and no cargo or other surviving members. Doctor Orson (Mykel Shannon Jenkins) checks Travis out. Iris Duncan (Sunny Mabrey) tries to get answers and the other perfect human crew members, Emma Anderson (Christian Pitre) and Chris Zimmer (T.J. Hoban) check the ship out.

They don’t notice it right away, but the perfect humans have flaws that are beginning to show and will almost surely have them descent into madness. These perfect humans will have to fight hard and keep it together to find the cargo and save themselves before it’s too late.

This film is like a longer episode of Stargate. It’s dramatic and a little goofy. It’s kind of funny to see these perfect humans mock how pathetic regular humans are, only to find out that they are not entirely perfect. It’s shot well for a lower budget film. It’s something you would see on the Syfy channel. It does have cheesy moments and cheesy backgrounds, but they worked with what they had. It has a lower rating, but it’s for people who like low budget sci-fi films.

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