Movie Review: ‘Better Off Single’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

This is a dating comedy from a guy’s perspective, if that guy couldn’t stop self-loathing. Charlie Carroll (Aaron Tveit) is a man who thought he could live a better life than the one he was living, so he broke up with his girlfriend, Angela (Abby Elliott), and quit his job on the same day.

He couldn’t stop talking to family, friends and even his therapist (Lewis Black) about how he probably shouldn’t have dumped his girlfriend because maybe that was the best he could do. He looks back on his time with her, realizing she was not the greatest girlfriend, while also taking advice from his friends about what to do in his dating life.

Of course, they tell him to just meet a bunch of women and have fun with it without getting into an actual relationship. He ends up meeting a great woman, Lorelei (Kelen Coleman), while realizing everything else was pointless and stupid. However, he was right about quitting his job. He hated how they treated people and how they decided to fire them, so he left.

It’s funny and drags a little bit. It just felt like the movie was longer than it was, but it did show how some people get when they end a relationship. Who’s the best you can do, were you supposed to marry that person, were they bad, but you only remember the good and so on and so forth. It flows well, has a good plot and has some relatable parts. He had to go to dinner with his girlfriend’s rich, pompous, racist parents (Chris Elliott and Haviland Morris) and he calmly told them off. This scene was everything it needed to be.

Available on Friday, October 7th in theaters and On Demand.

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