Movie Review: ‘Best Of Seven’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

A man named Jonnie (Jonnie Stapleton) finds out as a kid that he has some symptoms of multiple personality disorder. He has been prescribed medication for most of his life to suppress one other personality, so he can live a normal life. His parents, Vera (Paula Kelley) and Jerry (Jim Armstrong), are the ones who made the decision for him to be on the medication.

After Jonnie ends up in the hospital, his parents think he should forgo the meds for one week to see if he’ll be better off without them. Jerry gives Jonnie scratch-off lottery tickets, one for each day of the week, for an extra incentive to forgo the meds.

When Jonnie quits his meds, he finds out that he has other personalities as well. There’s a guy who’s a particular kind of repressed, an accountant-type, a guy who loves working out, a woman who loves bossing the workout guy, a Russian guy and a child. Not only does Jonnie have to deal with his other personalities ruining his life, but he also wins the lottery and they all want the money for themselves.

This movie is part Silver Linings Playbook with more comedy and also like United States of Tara. It addresses what people with mental issues deal with. It may be a bit unrealistic in what happens for some, but it’s accurate in telling how people feel about taking their meds. You don’t want your personality to change, but you want to live a “normal” life. But, what is normal for one person might not be the same for another person.

Jonnie goes through a lot, but it helps him to figure out what’s the best thing he can do for himself to live his life the way he wants. This movie is funny, a bit raunchy, gets self-reflective at the end of it and flows well in terms of the story.

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