Movie Review: ‘Being Rose’

An apt movie for the New Year, ‘Being Rose’ is all about new beginning, new spirit and finding happiness in one’s life. After knowing about her serious health condition and losing her husband, ex-cop Rose Jones (Cybill Shepherd) does not have much to look forward to. Though meeting her son is one ray of hope, she hasn’t stayed in touch since long. Though she is surrounded by her set of trusted friends, she misses something in life. With a determination to meet her son once again and embark on an adventure of her own, she sets out for a road trip on her wheelchair.

Thus begins an interesting journey where she meets new people, encounters novel experiences and finds ways to deal with her loneliness. The movie flows at a perfect pace with melodious tunes along the story. Rose’s confident personality adds charm to her character. She does not consider herself as weak and finds out ways to handle every situation with courage. Excellent casting, unique story, powerful plot and a feel-good essence color the movie, making it relatable to the audience. It stands for hope, happiness and friendship even in the least expected situations. There is joy in this simple tale. Along her journey she meets a new friend Max (James Brolin). Together they share stories of their lives and connect towards a new bond of love, friendship and affection.

The tale is quite different from the usual movies and delivers happy essence from the start to end. It portrays the significance of doing what makes you happy, rather than accepting tried and tested ways to live a so-called usual life. There is love and respect in this newfound bond while they connect without any biases and discover interesting things on the way. Meeting her son and his wife open wounds of their past, while she struggles to deal with their future.

A movie about finding hope and doing things to the best of one’s ability, ‘Being Rose’ presents a strong woman surrounded by hardships. Yet there is determination to work for everything that is possible. Watch the novel tale for a feel-good look into life.

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