Movie Review: ‘Beacon Point’

The more I think about Beacon Point, the more irritated I become. The synopsis I read called it a “highly-anticipated science-fiction thriller”. I love sci-fi, but if Beacon Point is science-fiction, then Hunger Games is a comedy. I’ll give it credit as a thriller, albeit a cheesy thriller complete with a character named “Cheese”. As a thriller, it is a borderline entertaining, yet implausible story with some over-the-top acting and beautiful scenery.

After a scene that barely connects to the film, save for kind of setting up the danger that is seemingly present in the film, we are introduced to the film’s two main characters. There is Zoe (Rae Olivier), a real estate agent who has quit her job and decided to go hike through the Appalachian Trail in honor of her late father. Then there is Drake (Jon Briddell), a trail master with a questionable past which we get a glimpse of when he gets in a heated argument with his boss that doesn’t end well for the boss.

Instead of doing any sensible thing, Drake decides to proceed with a scheduled hike so that the hikers (including Zoe) don’t go looking for his boss. The good decisions continue when they find a dead body not long into their hike and continue onward. One would think any normal person or well-written character would turn back and seek help or safety. The characters are a tad monotone, but do provide a little comic relief here and there.

Beacon Point is also billed as a horror, but there really isn’t anything that I would categorize as horror. One scene has someone rip out their own eyes and then they are left for dead screaming. That’s it; all other deaths are a whimper and take place off screen (one character just disappears and it is presumed that they died). Some of the “sci-fi” parts are creepy.

The only glimmer of sci-fi is during cutaway scenes that are never really explained; they may be visions, hallucinations caused by illness, alternate realities, or merely scenes designed to provoke thought or confusion. Expanding these scenes or their relevance would have done a lot of good toward making a well-rounded story.

The one good thing is the scenery. According to IMDb, they used drones to get some amazing aerial footage and it is beautiful. Between that and the ground footage, this film is like a cross between Planet Earth and Blair Witch (without the shaky cameras). If you are up for a cheesy thriller with great filmography and scenery, you might enjoy this film.

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