Movie Review: ‘Bakery In Brooklyn’ Is A Feel Good Experience

Fun, ambition, relations, dreams, ideas, bonds and food combine into this wonderful movie ‘Bakery in Brooklyn’ that entertains till the last bit. Based on a small and popular bakery in the Brooklyn neighborhood, this tale takes the audience through the ups and downs of the gourmet joint. After the unexpected death of the bakery owner Aunt Isabelle, when her nieces Vivien and Chloe are forced to continue the legacy ahead, they encounter diverse range of experiences. While each of these two sisters have unique dreams of their own, this uncertain situation tosses their plans into thin air. What follows ahead is chaotic combination of events involving these sisters and their friends.

A smooth flowing story with interesting mix of characters, the story explores their love for aunt and the desire to continue her name ahead. Though orphan sisters Vivien and Chloe share a strong bond since childhood, their ideas differ with passing time. When they are presented with the opportunity to handle the bakery together, they realize these mountain of differences. As each one of them bring unique thoughts to the table, they find it difficult to cooperate and collaborate. Vivien belongs to the old-school ideology, hoping to keep the bakery and its products just like before. On the other hand, Chloe’s experiences with talented chefs in the industry pull her towards modern changes and new look.

While battling such contrast in their view points, Vivien and Chloe end up creating an invisible wall within their bakery, dividing it into two separate sections. This unusual arrangement invites chaos, comedy and confusion as the customers face the heat of their arguments. A fun-filled story with elements of love and hatred, the movie manages to depict every emotion with ease. Though the sisters are separated on the basis of their thoughts and ideas, they stand together in times of difficulties. When they come across a threat to the bakery due to new development plans in the neighborhood, Vivien and Chloe are forced to take a stand together. With this as they work in collaboration for the benefit of their joint, the bond seems wonderful in every way. Along with the support of their colleagues, friends, love interest and neighbors as they toil for their aunt’s dream, the movie takes an interesting twist.

Director Gustavo Ron and the entire cast of this movie have done an incredible job in creating a novel piece of entertainment. In today’s world of modernism, competition, manipulation and struggle, this story comes across as a simple tale filled with feelings. Each of the characters have been designed in a perfect manner, celebrating the success in simplicity, love, affection and togetherness. It highlights the value of family and friendship as strong pillars of support.

A must watch movie for an interesting look into life- ‘Bakery in Brooklyn’ is a feel-good experience for the audience. Watch this movie for its talented cast, fun-filled dialogues, hilarious encounters, unexpected situations and delicious bakery goods. This bakery will definitely increase your appetite with its sweet delicacies!

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