Movie Review: ‘Among Them’

Review by Lisa Payne

Two bank robbers, Mick (Dan Liebman) and Harry (Jonathan Thomson) have left their third accomplice Keith (Nick Apostolides) who was shot during the robbery. We don’t see it, only hear. This ratchets the tension up immediately. What it also did was let me know that there would be something special about this movie because most show, don’t tell.

Among Them starts off as a bank heist movie gone wrong. Mick and Harry turn up at the seaside motel where they are to meet their boss, Greyhurst (Bobby Kennedy). The town takes on that seedy feel that you get at the seaside during the off season. The motel clerk (Michael Reed) is small-town friendly enough with a side of he’s just a little bit too nosy.

When Greyhurst doesn’t show up, they check the car for instructions and instead find a woman, Syde (Evalena Marie) tied up in the trunk. This is where Among Them starts to get weird and move to psychological before third-acting on horror.

They wait, and wait…

Their mental states deteriorate, FAST.

Mick, Harry and Syde are hallucinating, the same damn thing. So we know fuckery is afoot. We never get full answers though.

The tension escalates, not to mother! levels. What happens is so nebulous, you start to doubt your own sanity because there are no satisfactory explanations.

There are flashbacks that only make me scratch my head more.

And stay through the end credits and the shortest after credit scene ever. It may mean nothing or it may mean everything. I’m just not sure. Very enjoyable and unsettling.

Written recklessly by Evalena Marie and directed dangerously by Kevin James Barry. That’s not me, it’s from the end credits. As is, “Got a problem with the names of characters or the events depicted? Too bad.”

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