Movie Review: ‘American Romance’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Jeff and Krissy Madison (Nolan Gerard Funk and Daveigh Chase) are newlyweds traveling through the country when their car breaks down. They walk until they come across the first house they encounter. Emery Reed (John Savage) is the man who answers the door. A man who tied up his wife, just murdered the man who was with his wife and was about to take his own life.

Emery thinks Jeff and Krissy are nosy and suspicious, so he ties them up after Krissy discovers the body of the man. The problem is that Jeff and Krissy are not who they appear to be. They are known as “The Diorama Killer”. They punish people for sins against what love is meant to be. It’s always at least two people in the diorama with a message of what their sin is.

Now, it’s up to Emery and his wife, Brenda Reed (Diane Farr) to see if they can escape or at least last long enough for the cops to come. This story is told from the perspective of one of the cops, Sheriff Ricky Stern (Barlow Jacobs), who is interviewed by writer Faye Williams (Elana Krausz). Sheriff Stern was looking for the Diorama Killer along with his partner, FBI Agent Denice Torres (Mei Melançon). They knew to look for someone who would have something to do with the next crime, Hank (Mark Boone Junior), who in a turn of events brings everything full circle.

The acting is not bad, even if Krissy’s voice can get a little bit annoying. It’s shot pretty well, but it does have a lot more adult scenes than one might expect. It does have a trope of annoying young couple versus the older, more mature couple who’ve have been through some things. The young couple has experienced hardships as children. The older couple has experienced tragedies that pushed them apart and brought them back together again. The only thing not mentioned is how one of the murders was covered up or resolved. Overall, it’s a thriller that makes you root for the lesser of two evils.

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