Movie Review: ‘All We Had’

A tale of hope, relation, love and life – ‘All we had’ is a wonderful movie for the audience. Set against the backdrop of economic recession around the year 2008, the movie explores dynamics of relationship between a single mother and her daughter. While struggling to make ends meet, the story speaks about their rough patch in life. Without any job, family support, house or financial security, the movie presents picture of a single, young mother Rita (Katie Holmes) and her 15-year old daughter Ruthie (Stefania Owen). Uniqueness of story and realistic acting mark the highlights of this interesting movie that does not fail in its flow.

Rita’s efforts to bag a job and Ruthie’ support all along form the plot of this tale that raises hope in every way. Though Rita fails in her efforts, the story stands for hope and confidence. The mother-daughter duo have truly brought their best talent forward, as the movie seems totally true in every way. ‘All we had’ focuses over the need to live every single day to the fullest without worrying about the future. Rita’s love angle revolves around multiple men as she changes numerous boyfriends along the way. This attitude troubles Ruthie to a great extent, but she follows her mother as the sole pillar of support. With no roof over their heads, Ruthie and Rita drive around the town with a hope to make their life smoother. Without any plan in mind, as the two head towards east, the plot gains strength.

While dealing with uncertainties, challenges, difficulties and unknown elements, the story throws light over the need to be satisfied in life. The movie talks about dreams and hopes as they form essential part of our lives. Though the going seems tough with no house in sight, Ruthie plans her dream home in mind. Ruthie’s character stands for maturity and understanding, as the little girl believes in good times ahead.

Amidst these challenges, Rita and Ruthie are pulled towards a small, little diner on the way. Though their plan involves stealing food and running away, they are forced to return to the diner. With broken car, as they do not have any other option in hand, they plead for help from the diner owner. Much to their surprise, they encounter a friendly warm owner Marty (Richard Kind) and a transgender waitress Pam (Eve Lindley). By offering job as a waitress and allowing the duo stay in their backyard, the tale reflects hope in a positive way. Soon as Ruthie and Pam connect as close friends, these unexpected, lighter elements seem truly perfect. With this stability, the movie moves on a wonderful note. While Ruthie attends high school in the neighborhood, Rita manages to gain a house for both of them.

Though things seem perfect, Ruthie encounters challenges such as falling for the wrong company in school. On the other end, Rita meets some more men in her life. A novel concept that explores the closeness of relation between a mother and daughter, the story is truly entertaining in its own way.

The story lacks depth along certain situations that may tend to disconnect with the audience. Focus over Ruthie’s decision to stay away from drugs or Rita’s efforts to gain the house could have replaced the lost charm.

Watch this story for its novel idea, realistic acting, entertaining plot and simple flow. ‘All we had’ will definitely entertain you till the last bit.

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