Movie Review: ‘Ali And Nino’ Is Truly Unique Storytelling

Set in the historical period of World War 1 around the early 1900s, movie ‘Ali and Nino’ is a totally novel story for the audience. Slated to release on 18th November, 2016 this movie explores the complicated domain of love between two people divided by religion, customs, traditions and beliefs. Based in the country of Azerbaijan, the movie depicts powerful bond of affection between Ali (Adam Bakri) and Nino (Maria Valverde). While Ali is the descendent of a royal Muslim family, Nino is a Christian Georgian princess. With such major differences in their religion and faith, as their families stand against the relationship, this story explores several complications along the way.

Talented cast, wonderful arrangement of sets, smooth flowing story and realistic acting are some of the highlights of this movie that manage to hold the attention of viewers, right till the end. Director Asif Kapadia has truly created a masterpiece, as the movie takes the audience to the wonderful times of the past. With close attention to details, the movie seems completely real in every way. Do not be surprised to get pulled away to the early 1900s, as the movie set up seems totally true.

Amidst differences of religion, geography, culture, faith and customs, while the two protagonists fall in love, the movie touches a sensitive subject. Though each of these differences had great impact during the past, ‘Ali and Nino’ depict the strength of love. Without paying any attention to their differences, while the two fall in love with each other, the movie comes across as a wonderful tale for the viewers. It demonstrates the power of love as the two stand with each other along their journey. Though challenges of war and fights present their ugly truth often, they choose to be there for each other all along.

While Nino is raised as a modernized woman in a developed city, she soon realizes the troubles of being in a traditional, conservative atmosphere of the village. Though these unexpected customs appear in the daily course of life, the movie depicts her eagerness to accept it all. By portraying her honesty, trust, affection and love for her husband Ali, the story goes through several challenging situations and circumstances. For a roller coaster tale with wide range of variations, the movie succeeds in its underlying theme of true love. Though two individuals may be separated by their faith, religion, customs or traditions; their hearts still beat for each other.

‘Ali and Nino’ is truly unique with its novel storyline. By offering history, romance, drama and entertainment in a single package, the movie is truly worth watching. A different twist to the new-age movies, the uniqueness lies in its fresh story.

Whether Ali and Nino succeed in resolving their differences and stand together in difficult war times or whether they lose it all to their fate, the movie shall definitely answer it all.

Watch ‘Ali and Nino’ for a positive, strong, fresh and novel stand on love. Travel back to the historical times and enjoy this new tale.

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