Movie Review: ‘The Adventure Club’ Is Family Entertainment

Perfect doses of fun, thrill, adventure and mischief combine into the movie ‘The Adventure Club’, offering entertainment for the audience. Slated to release on 10Th February, 2017 this entertaining story has a feel-good essence to its credit. Revolving around an adventure club of three ambitious kids – Ricky, Sandy and Bill, the tale is truly engaging till its last bit. As the kids attempt novel adventures in their little club, they hope to discover something interesting. Powered by the idea to achieve fame and success, these enthusiastic friends try their hands into diverse acts.

When Ricky finds a secret map and key in the attic, he is sure about the source of this adventure. As the story about his grandfather’s magic box is out in the open, he hopes to lay his hands over the same. After convincing his friends to join in the adventure, the three start their hunt for the box. As it is believed to be a magic box that grants wishes, the three are excited to find it soon. Their hunt leads them to the science museum where his mother works. Due to lack of funds, as the Science museum struggles to survive, this new adventure adds twists to the tale.

From breaking into the museum to fooling the security, from decoding the map to getting hold of the box, these kids enter into series of adventures to accomplish their mission. Along with these series of events, there are numerous exciting tales in the background that add to the thrill. As rivals and enemies hope to take away the box of wishes, the entertainment quotient is increased to great levels.

Exciting storyline, talented cast, engaging dialogues and fun-filled events mark this movie that is perfect for the entire family. Every single character has justified their role, making it an interesting piece for the audience. Elements of confusion, revenge, suspense, friendship and competition add spice to the tale as every character has a unique agenda to follow. Central protagonist Sam Ashe Arnold and his friends Dalila Bela and Jakob Davies have done a wonderful job of adding life to the adventure club. Actress Gabrielle Miller has played an excellent role as Ricky’s mother, while handling her ambitious kid and the Science museum.

An entertaining new-age story with sustained levels of excitement, ‘The Adventure Club’ is worth watching especially for the kids and teens. Enjoy this family-entertainer and soak yourself into the adventures of the adventurous club.

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