Movie Review: ‘Actor Martinez’ Is Unique And Novel With A Distinct Flavor To It

A totally different and novel movie with a unique storyline – ‘Actor Martinez’ is an experimental drama piece with a distinct flavor. Revolving around a computer repairman Arthur Martinez in Denver, the movie follows his dreams to be a movie star. Though he lacks any acting skills and comes across as a bored man at his job, he desires to play the lead in a movie. With an aim to fulfil this wish, Arthur hires two indie filmmakers Mike Ott and Nathan Silver. This paves way to a movie that juggles between fiction and non-fiction.

With a slight essence of documentary style, Actor Martinez follows the ideas of these two filmmakers as they collaborate with the actor to create something unique. As the story progresses, the audience can visualize their movie making process. Novel ideas and unique style flows into the piece that surprises the audience along the way. As the storyline progresses, differences of opinion between the filmmakers and Arthur surface at the center, highlighting their distinct mindset. While Arthur hopes to focus on commercial angle to make the movie marketable, both the filmmakers rely on a documentary mindset to highlight the actor’s real life habits. With this as they film his daily life, routine, workouts and outing sessions, the film turns to a different outlook. Instead of working on a fictional story, both the filmmakers decide to film Arthur’s real life behavior and adventures.

Besides basic differences in their idea for the movie, the filmmakers decide to cast a girlfriend opposite Arthur (Lindsay Burge) with a hope to bring some twist in the tale. This opens up a new chapter in the movie, as Arthur finds it difficult to act along with a female colleague. From awkward kisses to intimate love scenes, as the love angle gains strength, the movie seems interesting and unusual at the same time.

The lead protagonist and both the filmmakers have brought their unique talent to the forefront, creating an out-of-the-box experience for the audience. The movie lacks coordination at several occasions, leading to a discontent with the viewers. Many aspects of the story are left in the dark that put the audience’s imagination to work. It can be termed as a successful experimental movie since it lies along the thin line between fiction and non-fiction. It also takes the experience of a documentary style to a different level.

Watch this movie for its unique story-line and novel concept that is totally new in every way. Actor Martinez stands for experimentation and innovation that delivers unique experiences to the audience.

ACTOR MARTINEZ in theaters on March 10, VOD on March 28, and on DVD/VOD April 4, 2017.

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