Movie Review: ‘Acres And Acres’

Based on a best-selling novel, movie ‘Acres and Acres’ takes us on an interesting ride from the start. Bringing an emotional tale of a dying mother who refuses to moan her terminal illness, while preparing her husband and two sons to live their life to the fullest- the movie is exceptionally brilliant in delivering its message. It prompts one to question the significance of life when confronted by the possibility of certain death. We meet a beautiful and enthusiastic woman Kate – loving wife of husband Singe and mother of two handsome young boys. When life seems to hold unexpected plans of terminal illness, Kate and Singe are forced to answer some undesirable questions.

Though determined to fight the battle just as her little son once did with a rare form of cancer, Kate is not fortunate enough. After realizing the certainty of uncertain death, she starts to involve in a different type of planning. It is exceptionally inspiring to see her positive attitude in such troubling times. Instead of spending her time waiting for death, she starts to live all over again. And while she is delighted to spend time with her family, she holds a desire to let them continue doing so after her death too. With this starts her unique activity called ‘Mum’s list’. She pens downs post-it notes, messages, reminders, tasks and interesting actions for her husband and two sons. Her desire to see them happy, while appreciating everything they have got is beyond words.

The movie sends out a wonderful positive message. It is not easy to prepare someone for death, let alone create reminders as memories for the future. But Kate refuses to accept her husband’s requests to not do so and continues penning her thoughts. Her only desire is to remind them that life is beautiful, and to live every experience to the fullest. Be it embarking on novel adventures or simply reminding each other of love through their own unique set of phrases, her list is all about seeking happiness. All the actors have done an exceptional job bringing the characters to life. We are able to sense their happiness, excitement, disappointment, guilt, sorrow, scene after scene. Excellent acting, simple depiction, strong story, emotional connectivity and positive inspiration rank as the highlights of a movie that prompts us to think. Though Kate is certain of losing her family, she is determined to keep her words alive. Whether Singe succeeds in materializing her list or finds it extremely difficult to continue in her absence is the element of surprise.

Watch a motivational story to understand the beauty of life. It depicts the significance of love, affection, family, relations, trust and the most disturbing thought of mortality. Watch it for the inspirational note that life is not lost by death of a person but by death of spirit. Hence it is essential to continue living in memories, experiences, and adventures as much as we can in this beautiful opportunity called present.

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