Movie Review: ‘Accidental Exorcist’

Review by Monique Thompson

A 30-something, dirt-poor alcoholic (Daniel Falicki) can’t hold down a day job or maintain a normal life due to the fact that he is a natural-born exorcist. He soon learns that his power may also come with a cost to his own soul.

Not very often will you find an indie exorcism horror flick to have as much humor as does Accidental Exorcist. Possibly the title itself may hint towards things being a little different than your usual horror film about exorcisms. In the Accidental Exorcist, alcoholic Richard Vanuck (Daniel Falicki) uses a very odd method to exorcise demons out of the possessed. This unusual power that he possesses (no pun intended), soon begins to make him wonder exactly what it means and how he was summoned with this gift.

In the opening, Richard encounters his first exorcism after a teenaged girl’s mother requests his presence to rid her daughter of this demonic possession. Following the exorcism, and after each in the film, Daniel would return to his miserable life of alcoholism while trying to figure out what all of this means. With each exorcism, Richard becomes closer and closer to the evil that is possessing each individual and soon realizes he may be next.

Accidental Exorcist, surprisingly, surpassed my expectations. The humor from Daniel fits perfectly with the sarcastic, matter of fact, persona of his character Richard. Once things for sure though, there’s no sympathy given to those weak stomach individuals. Upchucking is all over this film, which is the primary behavior of the possessed. If you can handle that, you should actually enjoy what the Accidental Exorcist has to offer.

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