Movie Review: ‘As Above/So Below’ Not As Scary As The Trailer

Review by Monique Thompson

As Above/So Below is a documentary-type horror film following historian and occult enthusiast Scarlett Marlowe (Perdita Weeks) as she, along with other explorers, witness unexplainable events occurring in the catacombs of Paris while searching for a legendary philosopher’s stone. As the explorers descend deeper into the forbidden catacombs, sinister events begin to happen leaving them to wonder if they have entered the gates of hell. Each explorer is equipped with headset cameras giving that wobbly, documentary feel to the film.

There are certainly a couple scenes that may make you jump a little just because of the loud sound effects and the continuous movement of the cameras, but the film is not as scary as the trailer makes it seem. Majority of the time spent in the film is of the explorers traveling deeper into the catacombs with a few jokes, disagreements, and them getting freaked out. Perdita’s character (Scarlett) sometimes even becomes a little annoying as she seems to totally lack common sense and continues to risk her life searching for this philosophers stone with her constantly saying “Let’s keep moving” quite a bit.

While still good, As Above/So Below is very similar to The Descent, but is more of an adventure thriller instead of a horror. If you ‘re looking for constant terror, As Above/So Below doesn’t have it but still all-in-all is pretty decent and should keep your attention.

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