Movie Review: ‘A Wonderful Cloud’

Review by LukeRipa

The indie world of filmmaking is more or less like Max Landis describes the content of the pro-wrestling world in Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling: a lot if it sucks, but when it’s good, it’s f*****g awesome.

And it’s true: the independent film making scene is full of people trying to be the next big thing, which nowadays is way more difficult to emerge victorious from as digital technology made everything more affordable and immediate compared to the past.

Mostly, the difference maker in these movies is an idea, that could be implemented in the script, the execution or the editing style (which basically consist in the narration itself).

A Wonderful Cloud has a great idea for a raunchy romantic comedy: can ex-boyfriend/girlfriends go back to be just friends? After all, this is a starting point that almost no romantic comedy tried to investigate. Mostly it’s breaking up and getting back together.

If the idea is great and executed acting-wise in a weirdly effective way (the two main actors where actually in a relationship and broke up in real life, thing that gives the dynamic between the two a curious emotional twist), the movie, as a whole, it’s not a good movie. It doesn’t suck, but it’s bad, for one simple reason: it’s shot with the same quality as a YouTube video.

Issue that I completely understand for budget reasons, but I can’t embrace because I feel like it could have been way more effective if shot properly. Luckily, it seemed to me that this movie was suppose to remain limited to the festival circuit (it’s playing in a couple of theatres in the nation, don’t think will leave a mark though), which was a smart move: Warner picked it up for a remake. I really, really hope they have Eugene Kotlyarenko (who’s also writer and plays one of the two protagonists) directing it, because I can really see what he had in mind, but he needs the instruments to be more effective.

Available Everywhere On Demand — Friday, October 23rd
Opens Theatrically in LA at the Laemmle’s Playhouse 7 — Friday, October 23rd

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