Movie Review: ‘A Reindeer’s Journey’

If you are excited and ready to welcome the winter season, this movie can be the perfect start. ‘A Reindeer’s Journey’ takes its viewers on an exciting journey of a little reindeer ‘Ailo’. While born in the icy winters near Finland, he has to withstand extreme weather conditions before returning back to his herd. As his mother strives to protect him from fierce predators, they set on the journey to reunite with the other members of their team.

The movie offers spectacular view of the northern territory shot in all four seasons. Narrated by the soothing voice of Donald Sutherland, it can capture the attention of audience from start to the end. It gives breathtaking views of the landscape with changing seasons. The pure white landscape of snow and amazing illumination of northern lights add to the wonderful picture. Though our tiny Ailo has to deal with uncertain challenges, he strives to survive with his dear mother. The movie succeeds in painting a real picture. It deserves the credit of excellent cinematography. The story pulls the viewers into the reality of the wild nature.

There is hidden inspiration for the audience. It is a perfect family entertainer to show the intimate connection between nature and human life. As it shows us the struggles of life in the wild, it reminds us of our own challenges. And while the little Ailo refuses to give up, it paints the importance of perseverance. It depicts the significance of determination, patience, and belief in our efforts. Though the surrounding circumstances seem to work against Ailo and his mother, they manage to beat it for their survival.

It is an interesting story that builds excitement, suspense and affection. Whether Ailo and his mother manage to fight against the predators and the cold or give up to reach a dangerous ground is an interesting tale in the making. It is perfect entertainer for the entire family as it delivers some useful message to each one in the audience.

A unique tale that gives us a close look into the natural wild, it is definitely worth watching. Take advantage of the first-row seats to the amazing beauty of the northern landscape. It makes us one with the nature to understand the exceptional interactions between the animals in the wild. It succeeds in connecting us to the wonders of our Mother Nature.

Watch an inspiring tale set in a natural theatre filled with fun, suspense, happiness and love. The stage has some exciting things in store.

Opens in New York City November 15

On Demand and Digital Release November 19

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