Movie Review: ‘A New Christmas’

The title does absolute justice to this inspirational movie. There is newness about the way it prompts one to look at the festive holidays. Based in the exciting and happening New York city during the Christmas period, it takes us through Kabir’s tale. While grieving the loss of his mother, Kabir refuses to look at the bright side of life. So much is the resentment and hatred in his heart that he stays away from his medical school to do nothing but moan. How this thought changes step-by-step towards a new hope is an inspirational story in the making.

The movie prompts us to look at the real meaning of the festivities. When there is love, hope, and a change in perspective, everything is possible. Kabir has a ready support system in the form of his wife and friends, yet he insists of keeping himself far away from everyone. Though his wife makes attempts to get him back to normal, Kabir’s ‘new -normal’ is about dwelling in the past. It is often said, we take our own people for granted. We see that side of Kabir’s behavior, while he goes away from everyone.

The story takes a twist when a total stranger enters into Kabir’s life. She makes him realize that the past is something way beyond his control. How and what we do with the opportunities and situation with us today is the big question. While visiting the city for a school admission process from Kenya, Kioni forms an instant connection with Kabir. Her zeal and enthusiasm to capture every single moment through her camera lens takes the story ahead.

As Kabir takes her to the famous spots in the city for the holidays, he understands it is time to embrace life with whatever he has. The movie focuses over his conflicting emotions and thoughts. Somewhere lost between sorrow, hatred, and disappointment for himself, he is unable to live in the present. But, slowly he has to come out of it. How one stranger changes his perspective runs the tale.

It is a perfect movie for the holidays. It touches several multi-cultural aspects of the New York City along with hope and love of the Christmas holidays. The focus is over love, respect, and support of people irrespective of the differences that seem to separate each one of them. Sometimes, all we need is a new look at old things. The story shows the significance of opening up to a new thought. Kabir and Kioni are excellent characters with their own unique look at life. They are simple individuals with a different attitude. It is an unusual and unique bond between two individuals, yet it is impactful in its own way.

Watch the movie for a new look at life. Does Kioni inspire Kabir to be grateful towards life or does he go back to old ways after a good day? Watch the tale that is all about valuing what we have instead of frowning over what we don’t.

A NEW CHRISTMAS, In Theaters, On Digital, and On Demand on December 6th.

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