Movie Review: ‘A Hard Day’

Review by Wesley Collins

To begin, I must say that the film, A Hard Day pleasantly surprised me. The story begins on a dark road way as Det. Gun-Su makes his way to his mothers’ funeral. Gun-Su gets into an unexpected car accident and then discovers that someone witnessed the gruesome ordeal. Soon after, this individual blackmails Gun-Su due to Gun-Su’s belief that he’s killed a man. Gun-Su begins to feel as if his plight is inescapable. Throughout the film he battles, attempting to find out who witnessed his blunder and what they ultimately want from him.

The film is in Korean with English subtitles throughout it. It’s heavily character based which is one of the reasons I enjoyed the film so much. The emphasis on facial expressions, subtle body movements and dialogue gave the feeling that I was watching a real persons life unravel right before my eyes. I believe many films lose sight of that far too often. As the watcher you want to feel as if these people are real and everything that happens to them was supposed to happen as opposed to feeling like some writer threw a bunch of details together just to film something. The storyline was very linear and concise. I felt as if everything that took place in the film was a direct result of something that took place just prior to it. The film didn’t jump all over the place and have me wondering, “Where in the world did this come from.” It was well written and the focus on character development to me is what makes this movie enjoyable and watchable.

The plot was relatively simple but that’s the beauty in my eyes. When a writer can take an idea, whether small or big and make it hit home. The title is, A Hard Day and that’s exactly what the film showed. The film should resonate with anyone who watches it because we can all relate to having a hard day. One of those days that you couldn’t be prepared for even if you tried. A day where bad thing after bad thing after thing occurs and you’re so exhausted and frustrated, all you’d like to do is rest. Of course so some of the circumstances could be seen as extreme but they were more then believable. The production of the film could’ve been better but that’s just a visual issue rather then content. As far as a story, I gave it two thumbs up. I’d recommend anyone to watch A Hard Day; it may force them to realize that perhaps they haven’t truly had a hard day just yet.

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