Movie Review: ‘4th Man Out’ Is A Wonderful Treat For Comedy Lovers

Serious development on a funny note – Laughter, Fun, friendship in ‘4th man out’

Combining strong bond of friendship with stronger theme of homosexuality, director Andrew Nackman’s ‘Fourth man out’ is a wonderful light-hearted treat for comedy lovers. Slated to release on 5th February, 2016, this movie strives to offer a complete entertainment package with perfect inputs of comedy, sarcasm, emotions and feelings. Making use of a powerful theme, yet resorting to the simplicity of real-life, this movie can connect with the viewers instantly. Excellent timing and good-natured humor create several instances of loud laughter along the movie.

Revolving around friendship and bond between four childhood friends Adam (Evan Todd), Chris (Parker Young), Ortu (Jon Gabrus) and Nick (Chord Overstreet), the movie takes us closer to their fun-filled acts and growing maturity. While bonding over beer, poker, hockey and clubs on a regular basis, these close knit friends experience unusual changes in their friendship, following an unexpected confession.

As Adam musters the courage to come out of the closet on his 24th birthday, the movie depicts hilarious reactions of his friends in a totally fun-filled manner. Though each of them strive to support Adam and assure no changes in their bonding, they experience an unavoidable drift in conduct. Jokes about Adam’s love for his best friend Chris or attraction towards Ortu and Nick create excellent humor along the way.

Working as a car-mechanic in town, Adam hopes to find happiness in his new found- love for men. As the three encourage him to enroll into a dating site and look around for men, his funny dates with weird prospects are some of the hilarious moments to look forward to. Struggling to find a man of his dreams, Adam’s difficult experiences form the comical highlights of the movie.

Portraying discomfort and differences in their friendship yet depicting care for each other, the storyline ensures flawless entertainment. Filled with jokes and laughter, this comedy movie is perfect as a wonderful break. Prompting us to think about awkward situations and unexpected changes, each of the characters have done justice to their roles. With support of best friend Chris, as Adam shares the news with his family and neighbors, the story develops several interesting shades.

The movie has done a great job while focusing on strength of friendship despite rising tensions. By showing realities of misunderstanding, ignorance, avoidance and distance between Adam and his friends, the movie appears absolutely realistic. Though Chris works hard to maintain their friendship like old times, his struggle and fear combine into an excellent piece of acting. Chris’s date sessions with a special girl (Jennifer Damiano) open his eyes about their improper cold conduct towards Adam. As he encourages the other two friends to come together for Adam, the story takes us into magic of their friendship. Following this, as the three buddies surprise Adam with a fun evening at a gay club, their bonding comes across as a wonderful treat.

As Adam hopes to connect with a compatible man, his not-so-desirable encounters with a creepy internet match Bradstar (Doug Moe) and growing attraction towards a garage customer Matt (Nick Clark) bring entertainment into the plot. Surrounded by a conservative and old school of thought neighbor Martha (Brooke Dillman), Adam’s confession and her reactions combine into hilarious moments. Another aspect of this story that deserves special mention is Adam’s relation with his mother (Kate Flannery). While dealing with shock and disbelief, yet supporting her son for a bold decision, the story leaves behind a sensitive feel.

As the plot progresses through misunderstandings, troubles, adjustments and compromises in light of Adam’s homosexuality, the movie focuses on true essence of friendship. Delivering an influential message about strength in relationships, the movie inspires us to stay with friends in every possible situation.

While this movie ends on the note of 4th July Independence Day celebration, it shows the need to respect freedom of individual choices. Forgetting all troubles and misunderstandings, when each one find their love, peace, purpose and destination, the movie concludes in an amazing manner. As these four friends come back together, Adam’s coming out decision achieves successful support. Chris’s thoughtful acts sow seeds of surprise for Adam, leaving an interesting future to the imagination of audience.

Watch this movie for its relaxing, fun-filled and light-hearted humor. As an easy-going story with frequent comical encounters, it certainly qualifies as a complete package of entertainment.

4TH MAN OUT is coming out on February 5, in theaters and VOD.

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