Movie Review: ’48 Hours To Live’

Review by Cade

Fans of the Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush might recognize James Maslow in a quite different role, this time as an ex-convict looking to avenge his sister after she was murdered in the new thriller Wild for the Night. After learning about the death of his sister in an L.A. nightclub, Wyatt (Maslow) decides to take matters into his own hands and investigate to find out who killed her. He somehow manages to secure a job at the same nightclub, and attempts to uncover the circumstances that led to her death. Along the way, he manages to fall for his boss’s daughter and get himself involved with the DEA.

Wild for the Night separates itself into different ‘tracks,’ which are essentially different chapters of the story. The plot can get very out of hand in an unrealistic manner. It’s not unrealistic in that there’s too much going on, it’s more that the story just doesn’t make much sense at times. When Maslow is told he only has 48 hours to uncover the conspiracy he’s been trying to for the whole movie-which could not be a more obvious plot device- he spends those precious hours going on a date.

Voiceovers, something else often utilized, just did not work in the way the writers wanted it to. Maslow’s character wasn’t interesting enough for voiceovers to be engaging enough for the audience, and just felt fairly boring. The editing in the movie was decent, with short flashbacks to remind us of plot points we may have forgotten happened.

My favorite aspect of the whole movie was the glimpse into L.A. nightclub life Wild for the Night allowed viewers to spectate, periodically. With more than one absolutely beautiful dancing scenes, I was in awe at the beauty of hip hop and the rushed, definitely dramatized depiction of the club. It was truly a spectacular sight that invigorated me and left me wanting more.

To conclude, Wild For the Night is a wild ride, filled with plot holes and not too amazing acting. There are so many characters it soon becomes difficult to keep track of all of them, but Maslow’s performance usually sticks out as being superb. I was not impressed and therefore am not inclined to recommend this movie.

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