Movie Review: “1ove” Needs More Than Clever Pop Culture References To Save It


Review by James McDonald

The journey of Johnny and Molly through a uniquely written love story.

According to some of the promotional material received along with this film was the following blurb: “Indie filmmakers have called this film “brilliant”, “genius”, “awesomely clever” and “adorable.” I’m all about self-promotion, especially when you’re an independent filmmaker but when it comes to publicizing your own movie, there is a limit as to what people will believe. None of the quotes mentioned above describe this movie although the premise is somewhat clever and while the running time is only about 11 minutes, it means the viewer needs to be engaged before the movie ends and sadly, that is not the case here.

We have Johnny (G. Daniel Bailey), a guy who is in a bar along with three of his friends. He starts talking to them about a beautiful woman, Molly (Laura TenZijthoff), that he happened to see one day by the beach. Although she barely speaks to him, he is immediately smitten with her and later that evening at a nightclub with his buddies, he just so happens to meet her again and they hit it off. The story is pretty straightforward and the clever aspect of the movie I mentioned earlier, is that most of the dialogue throughout, are lyrics from love songs, including such artists as Apathy, Journey, Otis Redding and the Jeff Healey Band.

Unfortunately, that is the only aspect of the movie worth mentioning as the acting by all involved is amateurish at best. If you’re going to take the time to write a script and hire a crew and video equipment, at the very least, hire good actors who can actually emote and not appear like it’s their very first time in front of the camera. After all, they are the people who will help carry the story. With a much better cast in place, this film would most certainly fall under the excerpts mentioned above but as it stands right now, “brilliant”, “genius”, “awesomely clever” and “adorable”, regrettably, don’t even come close.

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