‘Morgan Spurlock’s Crafted’ Trailer

The documentary CRAFTED was created to explore the mindset of today’s artisan and determine how artisanship has evolved along with—or, at times, in spite of—new technologies that allow instantaneous sharing of knowledge and sourcing of ingredients. Brave creators are breaking from the norm and returning to their roots to master age-old art forms that are more relevant than ever in today’s world.

Release Date: Premiering at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival; then available online

Directed By: Morgan Spurlock

Featuring: Chefs behind Bar Tartine, Cortney Burns and Nick Balla;
Bloodroot Blades duo, Luke Snyder and David Van Wy;
Nagatani-en’s 7 generation, family-run head, Yuji Nagatani** of Iga, Japan

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