‘Monsters & Mysteries Unsolved’ Preview Saturday

Blood Rain and Star Jelly – Saturday, October 1 at 9/8c
Blood-red rain and blobs of an unknown gelatinous substance discovered following meteor showers have left scientists puzzled. Some refer to it as “rot from the stars.” Others wonder if it’s alien life raining down on our planet. Today, scientists investigate the mystery using the latest tools and knowledge, and what they’re discovering might prove some of the superstitions to be true.

Psychic Powers – Saturday, October 8 at 9/8c
In New Jersey a teenage girl is killed and a psychic claims she can see her murderer. In Oregon, a psychic tries to help solve the slaying of a cowboy. Can psychics really help in police and government investigations? Skeptics say that while psychics may be sincere, there’s no evidence to support their claims.

Life After Life – Saturday, October 15 at 9/8c
Nearly every culture and religion seems to believe in some form of “life after lfe.” Some people who have been near death report being bathed in images, sounds and feelings so vivid and so real that their lives are changed forever. But are these experiences real, or is it all just a strange last gasp of the human brain?

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