This Marvel Mash-Up Is The Coolest Video You’ll Watch Today

avengersThe Marvel movie universe is getting pretty, pretty, pretty large these days. It was kind of based in reality until Thor came around and brought a bunch of people from space with him, then “The Avengers” happened and aliens invaded New York which pretty much meant all bets are off and Marvel could bring just about anyone* into their movie world.

Now that “Guardians of the Galaxy” is printing money and loved by critics, Marvel really can let loose and bring all sorts of insane characters into the mix. There is already going to be a Dr. Strange movie (please cast Joaquin Phoenix and call it a day), “The Avengers 2” is next summer, and then more GOTG (that’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” for the layman) is on the way.

This video pretty much sets up exactly what Marvel’s plans are. At some point, the Avengers and the GOTG are going to get together, exchange numbers, become Facebook friends, maybe endorse each other’s super hero skills on LinkedIn, then fight Thanos together. Could that be what happens in “The Avengers 3”? Fingers crossed, yes.

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