‘Manhattan’ Preview Tuesday

On Tuesday, December 15 at 9:00 p.m. (ET)/8:00PM (CT), the second season of WGN America’s Emmy® Award-winning original scripted drama “Manhattan,” comes to a chilling conclusion in a heart-pounding episode centered on the Trinity test, the first successful detonation of a nuclear bomb in history. “Jupiter,” written by Sam Shaw and directed by Thomas Schlamme, opens on atrocious weather for the Trinity test. Against Liza’s recommendation to hold off and await better conditions, Charlie and Darrow push to move forward with the test. However, Darrow orders everyone to evacuate the site before the test goes off. Meeks offers to stay with the bomb, and Charlie agrees, while beginning to evacuate everyone else. Meanwhile, Crosley convinces Frank that Meeks is the spy, Frank realizes Helen betrayed him, and Darrow sends his men after Frank. Frank makes it to the test site and confronts Meeks in the crow’s nest, while a worried Liza asks Fritz to find her husband, so he too sets off in pursuit. A confrontation between the three men ensues that will leave viewers gasping, just as the timer ticks down to detonation. Charlie watches from afar as the bomb goes off, as a new era is ushered in with the successful first test of an atomic weapon.

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