You Love Marvel & You Love Easter Eggs So Here Is Every Marvel Easter Egg Ever

MarvelThere are now ten Marvel Studio movie productions. Every single one of them ranges from okay (“The Incredible Hulk”) to greatness (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, believe me, go see it). They all share random characters and people pop up either to advance an overall plot or just to be way, way funny, like Chris Evans in “Thor: The Dark World”.

Then there are the references to comic books and other Marvel flicks. That stuff is either exceptionally cool or exceptionally geeky. Look, nobody is going to get a reference to Fin Fang Foo or whatever the hell that stupid looking dragon is. The fact that a comic book writer thought that was an acceptable villain only proves that acid was definitely in abundance in the 1960s.

Oh yeah. This post is about Easter Eggs in Marvel Movies. Here is a MTV Movies video that not only put all of them together, it explains them.

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