Looking For Writers To Cover Movies, TV And Books

We are currently looking for writers to cover movies, TV and books. It would have to be something you would like to do in your spare time, at the moment no money to pay anyone. If you’re still interested see below.

* Looking for someone that would cover screeners for new movies sent to us. This would include online screeners and DVD copies that would be sent to you. These are usually for independent and small studio releases. You would watch at your home, so no need to go anywhere and have to spend money! Can live anywhere.

* Looking for a few people to cover TV. This would include reviewing episodes of your favorite TV shows right after they air. Sometimes we get screeners for shows before they air, so there would be that option as well. Can live anywhere.

* Books: In the DFW area(near George Bush and Marsh area) would be preferable. We would meet up once a week/every couple of weeks and I would give you new releases sent to us for review. I would need them back once done reading.

* DFW area to review new releases on occasion and to interview celebrities when they are in town. You would need a somewhat flexible schedule.

* North Dallas area to cover Blu-ray and DVD releases. Would need to meet up with me maybe once a week/once every two weeks. Would need them back after they are reviewed.

A great way to build a portfolio and on occasion you would get free movie swag, Blu-ray/DVDs, concert tickets, when we have them to spare.

Of course you have to be able to write. If interested in any of the above, please send an e-mail to samthemailman@redcarpetcrash.com with what interests you, your location and sample of your writing.

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