LMN Premieres New Series ‘Living In Secret’ Tuesday, December 2

LMN presents “Living in Secret,” a new original series on Tuesday, December 2 at 10pm ET. Four one-hour episodes follow real people who are leading secret double lives and are at a crisis point, knowing they must come clean, stop the destructive behavior and make amends to their loved ones.

From infidelity to extreme spending to prostitution, in each episode of “Living in Secret,” viewers will see two individuals reveal for the first time the secret life they have been living. Hidden cameras take viewers into lives previously unseen and follow the individual on a personal and emotional journey as they prepare to divulge their secret and attempt redemption – all while living in fear that their secret will be discovered before they can reveal it to their family and friends first.

The December 2 series premiere takes an in-depth look at two women. “Sophie” is torn between her lucrative profession in the sex industry and coming clean to her estranged father, her only living parent, in hopes of mending their relationship; the other has fallen into extreme debt due to the severe shopping habit of her alter ego “Claudia”, and her husband has no idea of her addiction and their mounting debts. Viewers will see these two women struggle over whether they will end their secret lives and come clean to their loves ones, while wondering if they will be accepted or rejected by them when the truth is revealed.

“Living in Secret” is produced for LMN by Brownstone Entertainment. Executive Producers for Brownstone Entertainment are Drew Brown, Bob Gillan and Sarah Skibitzke. Executive Producers for LMN are Laura Fleury and Jennifer Wagman.

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