‘Little Women LA: Couples Retreat’ Premieres Wednesday, July 26 On Lifetime

Pack your sunscreen and prepare for drama in the tropics, when the Little Women franchise heads to an island resort for Little Women LA: Couples Retreat. From coast to coast, the Little Women cast has dealt with it all when it comes to their love lives. Now at crossroads in their relationships LA’s Tonya and Kerwin, Briana and Matt, and Christy and Todd, meet up with Atlanta ‘s Tiny Twinz Andrea and Amanda and their boyfriends Chris and Jordan. New York’s Lila and her new love interest Brian and the Big Appel’s Jazim and David, also join the crew. With the help of a relationship guide, the couples work to better themselves, while participating in adventurous excursions that push them out of their comfort zones and force them to face their issues head on. As the curtain is pulled back, some will reach their breaking point while some may fall deeper in love. 9pm ET/PT on July 26.

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