‘Las Vegas Law’ Preview Thursday Night On Investigation Discovery

LAS VEGAS LAW offers exclusive access to District Attorney Steve Wolfson and his powerhouse team of prosecutors who work tirelessly alongside law enforcement officials to pursue justice in their community. Follow in real time as they assess the crime scene, interview victims and witnesses, strategize their case and ultimately chase a conviction in the courtroom. Shot in cinéma vérité and featuring surveillance footage and photography, the series immerses viewers in the high stakes, immensely dramatic environment that makes Vegas distinctive – and its crimes even more so.

The Evil Men Do premieres Thursday, May 12 at 10/9c Three were killed in a taxi that went up in a fireball on Las Vegas’s iconic Strip. Seeking the death penalty, the DA’s office goes after Ammar Harris for the three murders. Meanwhile in the Vegas suburbs, a male massage therapist finds himself in the courtroom.

Burden of Proof premieres Thursday, May 19 at 10/9c This episode goes inside the “he said/she said” of a sexual assault case. The prosecution has physical evidence, but what they don’t have is the woman’s memory. Now the question becomes: who will the jury believe?

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