‘Junkyard Empire’ Returns Wednesday, May 4

When it comes to father son bonding Bobby and Andy Cohen know a thing or two. For decades they’ve managed a lucrative junkyard business while managing not to let their old school versus new school ways permanently scrap their relationship. Having defied the odds the Cohens are back giving viewers another entertaining glimpse into their hot-blooded professional lives in the all new season of the hit series JUNKYARD EMPIRE beginning Wednesday, May 4 at 9 PM ET/PT only on Velocity.

Cohen Recycling just outside Washington, D.C. cycles through more than one million pounds of twisted metal and shredded steal every year. Each JUNKYARD EMPIRE episode finds Andy, a jack of all trades with a keen eye for seeing a high-priced payoff in automotive rubble, juggling the demands of the family junkyard with managing his own automotive service shop and used car dealership. If that weren’t enough to fill his days, Bobby, who started the junkyard nearly 50 years ago, always has conflicting opinions about how Andy runs things. Working with his dad isn’t always easy and tensions overheat when Bobby’s easy going ways depart from Andy’s high-pressure risk taking style. But when the sun sets on the yard each day Andy and Bobby know how to use every greasy part, banged up car or overrun engine to keep the family empire thriving.

“JUNKYARD EMPIRE is one of the top three shows on the network and has pulled in double-digit gains over the prime average in its first year!” said Robert Scanlon, General Manager, Velocity. “Velocity is adding viewers faster than Andy and Bobby add a car to their junkyard, and we look forward to their return transforming cast-off car parts and balancing their animated personalities, creating a very amusing environment”.

Where most see trash the Cohens see cash and season two of JUNKYARD EMPIRE really is no exception with incredible vehicle transformations ranging from a 1978 Rolls Royce turned hot rod, to an ambitious paintball tank made from a beat up Argo ATV. The guys also tackle an iconic build featuring legendary Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood who asks them to create a life-size replica of one of his most famous Hot Wheels ever. In the season two premiere on Wednesday, May 4 at 9 PM ET/PT, Andy weeds out a handful of clunkers until he finds his next project, a Mercedes SL55 AMG he spots at auction. Battling with Bobby about why he bought the car when they manage more than 2,500 cars in the junkyard, Andy pushes forward knowing sometimes you need to spend money to make money. However, he quickly learns this simple flip has turned into a renovation nightmare that may not be worth the manpower or money to turn it around.

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