‘Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer’ Trailer

JEREMY SCOTT – THE PEOPLE’S DESIGNER tells the story of a misunderstood child from rural Missouri who, despite rejection and adversity, holds true to his dreams and succeeds to become the creative director of major Italian fashion house, Moschino. As we follow his journey through several Fashion Weeks and beyond, we learn the larger story of his struggle to gain acceptance and overcome immense challenges to reach his goals. The film examines the dynamics between Jeremy and his team and, for the first time ever, gives audiences the opportunity to observe Jeremy’s creative process. This project can be defined as fashion documentary, but the film gives viewers a look at Jeremy’s worldview beyond clothing. His goals for the future, inspirations, fears and opinions about culture are central to the experience of this film. Rather than overly focus on Jeremy’s personal life, the film concerns itself more with his artistic vision and his perception of his increasingly prominent position in popular culture.


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