Is An HHC Vape Cartridge Better Than Smoking the Compound?

by | Nov 23, 2022 | TV | 0 comments

The increasingly saturated cannabis market has found yet another niche, HHC! However, fans of this cannabinoid believe it is one of the best compounds released yet. HHC provides a high that’s no more than 80% of what delta-9 THC offers, although it is a little stronger than delta-8. Therefore, it is ideal for someone not yet ready for the full marijuana high but who finds that D8 doesn’t quite do it for them.

There are various HHC products on the market, including tinctures and edibles. Those who like vaping or smoking are also covered in the form of HHC vape cartridges and special hemp flower infused with the cannabinoid. However, the release of these products again sparks the age-old debate; is vaping safer than smoking? This article investigates both consumption methods, providing you with a high-level overview.

What Does Using an HHC Vape Cartridge Involve?
When you purchase an HHC vape cartridge, it is designed for use with a vape device, usually one with a 510-thread battery. The cartridge contains a special liquid that turns into vapor once you set the device to heat it. Then, you inhale the vapor and enjoy the refreshing cooling sensation, not to mention a delightful taste.

Vapers love the flavor they get from an HHC vape cartridge, as they can taste individual terpenes and cannabinoid profiles. This is especially the case with products such as the HHC carts sold by PureKana, which contain nothing but hemp-derived distillate and botanical terpenes.

Vaping is an effective way to consume HHC as you benefit from a high bioavailability rate. With a sophisticated device, you can adjust the temperature and decide whether you want more flavor or bigger clouds.

Best of all, when you use an HHC vape cartridge attached to a vaporizer, you can enjoy the intoxicating cannabinoid discreetly. The scent of the liquid evaporates quickly, along with the clouds.

What About Smoking HHC?
Although it isn’t a particularly popular product, some brands sell HHC hemp flowers which you can smoke as you would marijuana. This product is created by coating CBD flowers with HHC isolate, which involves spraying buds with HHC distillate.

To smoke HHC, roll the flower in a joint and light up. As with vaping, you should experience the effects relatively quickly. Some cannabis users prefer smoking the substance because it is the “traditional” consumption method. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best, safest, or most efficient.

Which One is Safer?
Opponents of HHC vape cartridges might point to the vaping illness outbreak that resulted in the deaths of dozens of users. However, such individuals fail to point out that victims consumed black-market THC products in virtually every case. These low-grade vaping oils contain harmful additives such as vitamin E acetate (although no one is sure it is the sole culprit).

As long as you buy an HHC vape cartridge that’s fully lab-tested (with reports to prove it) and doesn’t contain harmful thinning agents such as PEG400, it is likely to be safer than smoking the substance. Look for brands that only include terpenes with their hemp-derived distillate, as VG and PG may not be healthy when heated to a certain temperature.

When you some HHC flowers, you must deal with the risks associated with combustion. Although the smoke produced by HHC, or marijuana for that matter, is almost certainly less harmful than what’s produced by tobacco smoke, it still carries risks. For instance, regardless of the plant matter you choose, combustion produces carcinogens, tar, and by-products such as benzene.

From a practical perspective, using an HHC vape cartridge produces less odor, and you don’t have to worry about rancid smoke sticking to your clothes. Furthermore, vaping HHC preserves more terpenes, ensuring you enjoy a more flavorful experience.

Final Thoughts on the HHC Vape Cartridge Versus Smoking HHC Debate
It would be remiss to suggest that vaping is 100% safe. However, it seems as if there is little contest compared to smoking. Vaping doesn’t produce the tar and carcinogens that smoking does; the odor produced isn’t noticeable, and it is easier on the lungs.

Therefore, selecting an HHC vape cartridge over HHC flower is probably best if you want to try this exciting, intoxicating cannabinoid.