Interview: ‘Victor Webster’ Talks New Scorpion King 4 Movie, His Hair Problems And Alyssa Milano

Victor Webster started out on daytime TV years ago and has been on Charmed, Melrose Place and currently on Continuum. His new movie ‘The Scorpion King 4: Quest For Power’ is in stores now and well worth getting! We talked about the movie and working with Alyssa Milano. Check it out below. And follow Victor on twitter @webstervictor

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Join an exciting new chapter in the action-packed adventures of the legendary warrior, The Scorpion King! When the king of Norvania is assassinated, the evil heir to the throne frames Mathayus and sends an entire kingdom of soldiers after him. Mathayus’ (Victor Webster) only allies are a mysterious woman and her unconventional father, whose primitive science may hold the key to disrupting the evil ruler’s quest for an ancient and unstoppable mystical power. Featuring Lou Ferrigno (“The Hulk”) and an all-star cast of fighters, including Roy “Big Country” Nelson (Winner of “The Ultimate Fighter”), Royce Gracie (UFC Hall of Fame) and Don Wilson (11-time World Kickboxing Champion). Also starring Ellen Holman (“Spartacus” TV series), Rutger Hauer (Batman Begins), Barry Bostwick (“Cougar Town” TV series), and Michael Biehn (The Terminator).

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