Interview: ‘Tory Belleci And Kari Byron’ Talk Saturday Night’s Punkin Chunkin: Superchunk!

Talked to Tory Belleci and Kari Byron about their special Saturday night “Punkin Chunkin: Superchunk!” and about why they’re not on Mythbusters anymore.

Westeros may have the Mother of Dragons and the King of the North, but every fall America’s eyes turn to a set of backyard engineers to see who can rightfully claim “Lord of the Gourd”. This year, the competition takes on its biggest challenge yet testing the power of and stability of these engineering marvels against cars, TV, pianos and of course… Pumpkins. PUNKIN CHUNKIN: SUPERCHUNK!, world premieres in a special simulcast event on Discovery and Science Channel on Saturday, November 29 at 8:00 PM ET/PT.


Former MYTHBUSTERS Kari Byron and Tory Belleci make their much-anticipated return to Discovery and Science Channel as hosts of the annual rite of Thanksgiving week PUNKIN CHUNKIN. Byron and Belleci are veterans of the competition’s high-flying action. This year’s competition marks their fourth consecutive year of taking viewers behind and beyond the firing lines to record the enthusiastic antics of competitors.


“Science Channel is uniquely connected with the spirit of PUNKIN CHUNKIN. Every year we’re inspired by the enthusiasm, ingenuity and pure joy of this unique event,” said Rita Mullin, general manager of Science Channel. “In lieu of the competition’s postponement in Dover Delaware, we knew The Chunk must go on. We’ve designed this high stakes competition to test the shear power of these machines and ultimately crown our ‘Lord of Gourd’ with an all-new challenge”.


At a new venue this year, PUNKIN CHUNKIN: SUPERCHUNK will bring together some of the top teams in the competition to unleash a chunking extravaganza like never before. Teams will vie for the top title by taking on various challenges to chunk everyday objects into a cornfield. TV’s, pianos, and even cars… nothing is safe from this group as the Chunkers meet their greatest challenge to date.


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