Interview: Miles Teller, Jason Hall, and Adam Schumann Get Very Personal In ‘Thank You For Your Service’

I must admit that ‘Thank You For Your Service’ has become a bit more than a movie to me. Before I went in to see it, I was a veteran who had dealt with the systematic problem of PTSD first hand during my service. I also have had a wife and daughter who have battled depression for so many years I can’t remember a time without it. So, I felt it would be helpful to take my daughter to this movie. What happened is something I could not have anticipated. My daughter opened up after the screening to the real Adam Schumann (who the story is about) and he has embraced her in a way that has blown me away. Our daughters are now friends on social media and they have developed a relationship I could never have expected.

In my interview with Adam, Miles Teller, and Director Jason Hall, I received the first leg of this surprise. It is one of the most surreal and emotional interviews I’ve ever done. And it will stay with me forever. There is no way to properly transcribe it. So, I’ve posted the audio for you to actually hear what went down. Enjoy, and go see ‘Thank You For Your Service’ this weekend!


Nathan Ligon
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  1. November 2, 2017

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