Interview: ‘Michael Westmore’ Talks Face Off And His Book About His Life In Makeup

FACE OFF — Season:9 — Pictured: (l-r) McKenzie Westmore, Michael Westmore — (Photo by: Justin Stephens/Syfy)

Michael Westmore and his family have been in the makeup departments of Hollywood since 1917. The winner of 9 emmys and 1 Oscar For Mask. He’s been on Face Off on Syfy since the end of the third season. As season 12 is about to debut on Tuesday, June 13, I talked to him about the new season and his book about his life Makeup Man: From Rocky to Star Trek The Amazing Creations of Hollywood’s Michael Westmore, in stores now. (an Amazon link is below to buy a copy). You can listen to the interview below. Click here for my interview with McKenzie talking Face Off and to see a preview of the new season.

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