Interview: ‘Luke Goss’ Talks New Movie War Pigs

war 3

Luke Goss is one of the stars of the new movie War Pigs. He was also in a successful pop/boy band in England. We talked about both. You can listen below.

Action icon Dolph Lundgren (Expendables) joins Luke Goss (Hellboy, Blade, Death Race), mixed martial arts superstar Chuck Lidell and Oscar® nominee Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler) in the action-packed war thriller WAR PIGS, arriving in theaters in 10 markets, Digital HD and Video on Demand September 18 from Cinedigm.

WAR PIGS follows rag-tag band of military misfits lead by disgraced Army Captain Jack Wosick (Goss) on a World War II mission to capture a Nazi-developed super weapon, the V3, which could give the Nazis an insurmountable advantage against the Allies. Paired with Captain Hans Picault (Lundgren), a German Anti-Nazi serving with the French Foreign Legion, and battle hardened World War I veteran Colonel AJ Redding (Rourke), Wosick must earn the respect of his new squad to complete their mission. For the War Pigs, failure is not an option.

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