Interview: ‘Leap’ Director Peter Chan And Star Bai Lang

China recently announced that it had selected Hong Kong director Peter Chan’s sports drama “Leap” as its official contender for the Academy Awards’ best international feature film category. The film tells the fact-based story of the Chinese women’s national volleyball team from the glory days in the 80s when they won five consecutive championships. To their fall after experiencing defeat at the hands of the US team led by China’s greatest star Lang Ping. The loss sent the team into a spiral deeper than any in the last 30 years. The film culminates with Lang Ping’s attempt to return the team to glory at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Gong Li stars in the biographical drama as the legendary coach Lang Ping, who at nearly 60, remains the team’s current head coach. Gong Li stars alongside Huang Bo (The Island) and Bai Lang, who plays the younger version of Lang Ping and just so happens to be the volleyball star’s daughter. “Leap” is currently included with your Amazon Prime membership.

I had the opportunity to join Peter Chan and Bai Lang (Lydia) to discuss what went into making this intricate and exciting sports movie that covers nearly 40 years of achievement and defeat. You can listen to the press conference below and then head to Amazon to check out an Oscar contender. Comment or connect with us on Twitter to let us know if you think it will be nominated.

Genre: Drama
Original Language: Chinese
Director: Peter Ho-Sun Chan
Writer: Ji Zhang
Release Date (Streaming): Dec 1, 2020
Runtime: 2h 15m

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