Interview: ‘Kevin Sizemore’ Talks Resurrection Finale And Reviews ‘Mom’s Night Out’ (He Loved It)

Interview Kevin Sizemore,who’s a super nice guy, who plays Gary Humphrey, on ABC’s ‘Resurrection.’ We talked about the finale of the show Sunday night, May 4, ’24’ and ‘Under The Dome.’ He also gave a glowing review to the new movie ‘Mom’s Night Out’ in theaters on May 9. Please watch and support the final episode. You can also go to and put Resurrection in the drop down menu and that’s it! Also follow Kevin on Twitter here.

Click on the link for the interview. Sizemore.mp3

Gary On Resurrection

Gary On Resurrection

Kevin, wife Gina and son Gunnar, at the Mom's Night Out premiere. From Kevin's Facebook at

Kevin, wife Gina and son Gunnar, at the Mom’s Night Out premiere. From Kevin’s Facebook at

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