Interview: ‘Josh Stewart’ Talks His New Kickstarter Movie Campaign And Working With Brad Pitt

Photo credit James Acomb

Josh Stewart is a face you’ve seen in a lot of places including David Fincher’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in 2008 appearing opposite Brad Pitt as Pleasant Curtis, Benjamin’s crewmate. His other film credits include two directed by Christopher Nolan—Interstellar and The Dark Night Rises (as Barsad, right-hand man to Tom Hardy’s malevolent Bane), Transcendence with Johnny Depp and co-starring roles in The Collector and Beneath The Dark (opposite Jamie-Lynn Sigler). He’s making an independent film (details below and how you can donate). We talked about it and working with Brad Pitt and Tom Hardy. You can listen below.

BACK FORK is the story of an everyman, WAYLON, struggling to hold his life and family together after a heartbreaking tragedy. He and his wife, NIDA, barely recognize themselves, let alone each other. Their inability to continue on and to heal, leaves them hopeless.

With the growing burden of the unanswered questions of why, and a heavy dose of self-blame, It’s only a matter of time before Waylon turns to the magic of the pills to make the problems disappear. He finds a kindred spirit in his sister, RAYLENE, as he sleep walks through life with addiction.

It’s only a matter of time until Waylon finds himself at a crossroads. He learns that he’s been asking the wrong question all along. The question isn’t why, rather, where do I go from here? He’s then able to see that we’re all wounded animals. Sometimes we die, but sometimes we live.

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