Interview: ‘John O’Hurley’ Talks New Movie Swing Away And New TV Series From Bryan Cranston

John O’Hurley is well known for his voice and for J. Peterman on Seinfeld. He has a new movie coming out and we talked about it. Also gave me a scoop on a new TV show he’s working on with Bryan Cranston. You can listen to the interview below and see the trailer and find out if the movie is playing near you.

Following a meltdown that leads to a suspension, professional golfer Zoe Papadopoulos travels to her grandparents’ village in Greece to escape the harsh spotlight of the international sports world. Between baking bread and eating baklava, she meets and mentors a ten-year-old girl who is determined – against all odds – to become the next golf sensation. Along the way, Zoe rediscovers her Greek heritage, her love of the game, and the hidden strength within herself as she inspires the townspeople in an epic showdown against a greedy American developer.

To see if it’s playing near you click here. Trailer below is NSFW.

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