Interview: ‘Jackie Collins’ Talks Her Final Book The Santangelos

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Jackie Collins final book is out in paperback. I talked to her last year before she died about it. Also see quotes from other celebs about her.

“She was an innovator whose creativity, fearlessness and wicked sense of humor entertained millions of readers around the globe. She took great pride in writing ‘kick ass heroines’ who took readers on a wild ride. We were thrilled and honored to go on that journey with Jackie. I speak for myself and everyone at St. Martin’s Press when I say we will miss her beyond measure.”

— Sally Richardson, president and publisher, St. Martin’s Press

“When Jackie C. strode into the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel, half the room stood up to greet her. . . . There was probably no one in the room who knew Hollywood better. She was its resident anthropologist, anatomiser and guide. . . . Writing gave her a power like no one else’s, the ultimate aphrodisiac.”

—The Economist

“That smart, talented, and gorgeous woman paved the road for so many of us so that we could experience a much smoother journey . . . with or without heels.”

—Sandra Bullock

“Jackie to me was the best writer of those risqué, amusing, fun novels—full of Hollywood characters and lots of sex.”

—Barbara Taylor Bradford

“The female libido, even in 1968, was never something passive and pliant for Collins. In her hands, it was transformative, surprising, and dangerous. Like an alchemist, she handled it with care and great respect for its power.”

—The Daily Beast

“And in the end, Jackie will live on through her hit books, and the lessons they instilled in readers about being an independent, feisty woman.”

—Good Housekeeping

“Collins’ tales of sex, glamour, power and more sex were a forerunner to the culture of Desperate Housewives and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. . . . She became the kind of author from whom readers could never get enough.”

—Associated Press

“Jackie Collins ranks as one of the most important pop authors of the last 50 years. . . . Her influence is everywhere.”

—“Critic’s Appreciation,” The Hollywood Reporter

“It’s relatively rare to find a star who’s a hit in multiple arenas—publishing, movies, television, even the stage—but Jackie Collins left a legacy in all.”

—USA Today

“She wasn’t just a star—to me she was an entire galaxy . . .”

—Joan Collins

“I think I have achieved everybody’s dream. Everybody wants to write a book, and I sat down and actually did it. Not only did I do it, I became No. 1 at it, and there is nothing more exciting than that.”

–Jackie Collins