Interview: ‘Glenn Morshower’ Talks Flutter Movie


Glenn Morshower is well know for his role on ’24’ as Agent Pierce. He’s also been on so many other TV shows and movies. His new movie ‘Flutter’ comes out on April 7. We talked about it, Bloodlines, Charmed, Buffy and where he likes to eat in Dallas. One of his favorites is Casa Navarro. You can listen below.

Flutter follows JoLynn (Lindsay Pulsipher), a young mother left alone with her son Johnathan (Johnathan Huth Jr.) while her singer/songwriter husband (Jesse Plemons) chases his career. She must resort to unconventional methods in order to care for her son who suffers from nystagmus and severe narrow angle glaucoma causing extreme pain in his flutteringeyes. She finds the only medicine that gives her son relief is marijuana, which she grows at home and uses in edible “medicine” to treat him. While trying to balance her son’s condition and a broken home, JoLynn faces the hardships of poverty and a judgmental mother-in-law who is highly critical of her parenting skills. When it’s revealed that her in-laws are seeking full custody of Johnathan, she must take matters into her own hands, resulting in a slew of desperate acts that could ultimately change their lives forever.

The compelling drama will be available Tuesday, April 7 on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Vimeo and VUDU, as well as On Demand with AT&T, Charter, Comcast, Cox, TWC and Vubiquity.

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