Interview: ‘Esai Morales’ Talks The Brink, From Dusk Till Dawn And Ghosts

Esai Morales

Esai Morales has been in a lot of cool shows like ‘Jericho,’ ‘NYPD Blue,’ ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘Magic City’ as well as numerous movies like ‘Bad Boys,’ and ‘La Bamba.’ He is playing the President on HBO’s great new show ‘The Brink’ on Sunday nights. We also talked about ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ series and his thoughts on ghosts.

This epic dark comedy focuses on a geopolitical crisis and its effect on three disparate, desperate men: Secretary of State Walter Larson (Tim Robbins), lowly Foreign Service officer Alex Talbot (Jack Black) and ace Navy fighter pilot Zeke Tilson (Pablo Schreiber), who must pull through the chaos around them to save the planet from World War Three. Airs Sunday nights on HBO.

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