Interview: Ernie Hudson Talks New Movie Gallows Road, OZ, Transformers Prime, Ghostbusters And Black Panther Rumor

Ernie Hudson Leslie Boehm

Ernie Hudson has been acting for 50 years and you see him everywhere. We talked about his new movie Gallows Road (and if in Dallas you can see it and meet Ernie Wednesday, April 22 part of the USA Film Festival). We also talked about Ghostbusters, Transformers Prime, Once Upon A Time, OZ and the Black Panther rumors. You can listen below.

* Note this was recorded before his appearance at the USA Film Festival.

Gallows Road is a story of choices. An evil act takes the lives of a man’s wife and children. Despaired he retreats to isolation. He is done with God and men. Two children discover him and their friendship begins to penetrate his soul. Can he rise above the ashes and learn to forgive or will he seek revenge? Ask and ye shall receive… seek and ye shall find. Starring Kevin Sorbo and Ernie Hudson.


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